Advanced Global email


GENZone is the premier product for business class global email communications

GENZone for Business and GENX for Enterprise is far more than just email, its a fully featured communications solution to empower your corporation with reliable and high performance messaging. A selection of the services many features are listed below.

  • Provides Internet Email on the domain(s) of your choice.
  • High Security Storage and Transfer Encryption.
  • Powerful Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection protects your mailboxes.
  • Access your email via a web browser, the old POP3 standard, the new IMAP4 standard and EWS worldwide.
  • Access your email via the Secure Anonymous Tor Network.
  • Access your email from your mobile web devices.
  • Various quotas and storage options up to 4GB.
  • Auto Responders, and Serverside Routing Rules.
  • Options to Suck email from your existing accounts, or to forward your email to other accounts.
  • Multiple email addresses on one domain name, a true virtual mail server.
  • Gateway Support, all email for the domain into one mailbox.
  • Groupware functionality, Shared Calendars, Contacts and Appointments.
  • Push Email to your Apple or Blackberry Devices
  • LDAP/MINGER protocol support for large customers.
  • ATRN/ETRN Mail Feeds for companies with their own internal mail servers.
  • Multiple Folders and Shared Personal and Public Folders.

For more information on our Groupware Messaging Services browse our corporate website.

For Support Refer to the KnowledgeBase in the first instance, otherwise raise a ticket at the HelpDesk.