Advanced Global email


GENZone is the premier product for business class global email communications

GENZone for Business and GENX for Enterprise is far more than just email, its a fully featured communications solution to empower your corporation with reliable and high performance messaging. A selection of the services many features are listed below.

  • Provides Internet Email on the domain(s) of your choice.
  • High Security Storage and Transfer Encryption.
  • Powerful Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection protects your mailboxes.
  • Access your email via a web browser, the old POP3 standard, the new IMAP4 standard and EWS worldwide.
  • Access your email from your mobile web devices.
  • Various quotas and storage options up to 4GB.
  • Auto Responders, and Serverside Routing Rules.
  • Options to Suck email from your existing accounts, or to forward your email to other accounts.
  • Multiple email addresses on one domain name, a true virtual mail server.
  • Groupware functionality, Shared Calendars, Contacts and Appointments.
  • Push Email to your Apple or Blackberry Devices
  • LDAP/MINGER protocol support for large customers.
  • ATRN/ETRN Mail Feeds for companies with their own internal mail servers.
  • Multiple Folders and Shared Personal and Public Folders.

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